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10 things Indian does better than anyone else

No.1: Yoga

Yoga as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice originated in ancient India. Today it has become a sport of global fashion.

No. 2: Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)

You probably have no idea that India is the first country to reach Mars in its first attempt.

No. 3: Cancer Treatment

Though US has the reputation of spending astronomical number on medical care, it’s actually India’s cancer treatment that’s considered the best in the world.

No. 4: Dances

Bollywood says it all.

No. 5: Spirituality

If you’ve read the book Eat, Pray, Love, or you learn techniques about meditation, you know India is the king on this.

No. 6: Cricket

This hritish’s legacy is developed by Indian to a level the hrits would never imagine.

No. 7: Plastic Surgery

Pune’s state run Sassoon Hospital has reduced the cost of surgeries that usd to take Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 500.

No. 8: Education

India is the cheapest country for overseas study, that definitely included schools like IIT which Google’s current CEO is also a alumli.

No. 9: Tata Nano

$1,600 and you get your car!

No. 10: Inventions

Things invented by Indian includes: buttons, chess, ruler, shampoo and ink.